Research and Collaborations

Constructive Feedback and Individual support

  • Adolphe Cyemayire: The Implementation of Constructive Feedback to Improve the Learning of the Students in Class. Case of Secondary Schools in Rwanda, Rwanda, French.
  • Christine Nyiramana: Constructive Feedback.  A Tool to Enhance Educational Quality in Higher Learning Institutions, Rwanda, English.
  • Jean Baptiste Ndamukunda: Improving the Quality of Teaching by Using Constructive Feedback in Primary School, Rwanda, French.
  • Levina Kawedi Machenje: The Role of Constructive Feedback on Educational Quality, Tanzania, French.
  • Abigo Samuel Samson Wani: Feedback in primary schools - A case study in a refugee camp in Uganda, Uganda, English.
  • Emmanuel Mbunwe Wepngong: Feedback to secondary school teachers in Cameroon: the perceptions of Deans of study and Multiplicators, Cameroon, English.
  • Siberi Kavira Kivatsi: Perspectives of university teachers on feedback (case of a university in DRC), DRC, French.


Efficient Classroom Management

  • Abraham Tamukum Tangwe: School Discipline. Alternatives to Corporal Punishment, Cameroon, English.
  • Constance Nyirabigirimana: Effective classroom management and the quality of secondary school education in Rwanda, Rwanda, French.
  • Mazambi Bendela Pala Patient: Efficient classroom management within ed DRC universities, DRC, French.
  • Onja Tiana Raharijaona: Efficient classroom management in primary school: experiences of teachers in Madagascar, Madagascar, French.
  • Theodore Rutibabara: Effective classroom management for quality teaching in Rwandan secondary schools, Rwanda, French.
  • Dancile Nyirarugero: Perceptions of university lecturers in Rwanda on efficient classroom management: A case of Muhabura integrated Polytechnic College (MIPC), Rwanda, English.
  • Francoise Tcheusi Sadiki: Management of teaching time and quality of education: Experience of ULPGL / Goma teachers in DR Congo, DCR, French.


Learning Climate

  • Dinah Uwizeyimana: Good Classroom Management As One of the Quality Education Criteria: Challenges for Teaching in Rwanda, Rwanda, French.
  • Semerita Kavira Kamundu: Contribution of a Good Class Climate to Quality Education in the Teaching and Training Process in CBCA Schools, DCR, French.
  • Edouard Ntakirutimana: Good Learning Climate in Higer Education: The Case of Rwanda, Rwanda, English. 
  • Eraste Kakule Bulaya Jumapili: Good learning climate in vocational training in the DRC, DRC English.
  • Frenk Donat Oisso: Creating Good Learning Climate - Experiences of Primary School Teachers in Tanzania, Tanzania, English.
  • Jeanna d'Arc Kamaraba: The good classroom climate in preschool education in Rwanda, Rwanda, French.
  • Julienne Tuyishime: Good learning climate in secondary education in Rwanda, Rwanda, English.
  • NSEMGIYUMVA Ernest: Implementation of good learning climate in secondary schools in Rwanda, Rwanda, English.
  • Malona Joseph Noah Kilonga: Good learning climate in primary education: A case study in Yei River City non-public primary schools, South Suda, English.
  • Nyota Kavira Sifa: The teaching-learning climate: perception of teachers at ULPGL-Butembo (DRC), DRC, French.


Complex Tasks

  • Athanase Rutayisire: Teaching through Complex Tasks as a Strategy for Teaching School Skills in Rwanda, Rwanda, French.
  • Ernest Claude Njoya: Cognitive Activation in Teaching-Learning Processes. Experiences Implementation by the Student-Professors of the Evangelical University of Cameroon, Cameroon, French.
  • Marie Claire Mosamba Ambule: Cognitive Activation of Learners through Complex Tasks. Case of Mathematics Teachers of a High School in R.D. Congo, DRC, French.
  • Valentin Nzabandora: Cognitive Activation by Complex Tasks. A contribution to the quality of teaching, Rwanda, French.
  • Charles Gahutu: High cognitive activation in Rwandese secondary schools: Practice and challenges, Rwanda, English.
  • Emmanuel Niyibizi: High cognitive activation by complex tasks in Rwandan higher education: Teachers' experiences and challenges, Rwanda, English.
  • Jacqueline Mukanziza: Cognitive actication by complex tasks in Rwandan secondary education, Rwanda, English.
  • Josias Kakule Nyondo: High cognitive actication by complex tast in higher education in the DRC - the case of English as foreign language teaching, DRC, English.
  • Pierre Murhula Kaheto: Cognitive Activation by compley tasks in higher education in the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, English. 
  • Roger Muhindo Binzaka: Cognitive activation through complex tasks - the case of a primary school in the DRC, DRC, French.
  • Rosy Kyakimwe Kaliki: High cognitive activation by complex tasks in Congolese primary education- case of reading in protestant primary schools, DRC, English.
  • John Tombola Barabara: Cognitive activation by complex task in English textbooks: Case of English for Africa, "students' books" in the Democratic Republic of Congo , DRC, English.
  • Marie Nicole Andriamamonjy Heriniaina EP Randriamanantena: Complex reading task, Madagascar, French.



  • Tharcisse Zirimwabagabo: Inclusive education policy: perceptions of secondary school principals in Rwanda, Rwanda, English.
  • Yakani Stephen Amule Kolowuka: Inclusive education and teaching quality: Case of inclusive primary schools with deaf and blind learners in Yei River County, Republic of South Sudan, South Sudan, English.
  • Kenyi Peter Alison Motijang: Teachers' strategies for addressing challenges of primary schooling in refugee camps, South Sudan, English.



  • Fondzenyuy Njobati Frederick: Impact of the Leadership Styles of Principals on School Quality. The Case of Lay Private Secondary Schools in the North West Anglophone Region of Cameroon, Cameroon, English.
  • Ivy Asantewa Owusu: Communication as a Key for School Leadership in Contributing to Quality Education, Ghana, English.
  • Jean Kasereka Lutswamba: School Leadership and Quality of Education in a School: Case of ECP-CBCA, DRC, French.
  • Linda K. Agyei: Leadership and Change. The Role of Principals in Implementing Competency-Based  Training (CBT) in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Institutions in Ghana, Ghana, English.
  • Sophonie Rubyagiza Kirotha: Promote the Quality of Education by Strengthening the Capacities of Directors of Secondary Schools of the Presbyterian Church in Rwanda (EPR), Rwanda, French.
  • Essaw Samgwa'a: Professional capital in learner outcomes: Perspectives of principals of Protestant secondary schools in the North West region of Cameroon, Cameroon, English.
  • Eyob Tsige Terefe: Principals' experiences of instructural leadership to enhance learner achievement: The case of principals of secondary schools in Hawassa, Ethiopia, Ethiopia, English.
  • Gerard Kasereka Tuvere: The perception of school leaders on education based on skills, DRC, French.
  • Meschac Vunanga Kahakabire: Scholarly leadership in Protestant schools: experience of school leaders of Protestant convention schools in South Kivu, DRC, French.


Learning Communities

  • Etienne Uwajyiwabo: The Application of Learning Communities, an Approach to Improvement of Education: Case of the Secondary School, Rwanda, French.
  • Jocelin Raharinaivo-Falimanana: Strengthening of the Primary School Teaching Practice FJKM- Case of the Three Neighboring Schools in Madagascar, Madagascar, French.
  • Joel Wani Elias Kaka: Professional learning communities among primary school teachrs in South Sudan, South Sudan, English.
  • Leopold Niyonzima: Peer learning among teachers in institutions of higher education: Perceptions of teachers in universities of Rwanda, Rwanda, English.
  • Nyirandikumana Monique: Professional learning communities and quality of education: Perception of secondary school teachers in Rwanda, Rwanda, French.



  • Franck Havyarimana: Pre-concepts in ECE and learner outcomes: perceptions of pre-school teachers in Bujumbura, Burundi, Burundi, English.
  • Fai Mercy Lemnyuy: Gender and quality education: Perceptions of secondary school teachers of Cameroon. Cameroon, English.
  • Benoit Senani: The Challenges of Applying Teacher-Centered Teaching to Secondary School in Rwanda, Rwanda, French.
  • Ernest Nkurunziza: Protestant profile and quality teaching: Perceptions of headteachers in the West Province of Rwanda, Rwanda, English.
  • Justin Uwubuntu: Developing Professional Development Strategies in a Secondary School, Rwanda, French.