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Notre-Dame de Paris: Assessment and Images

University of Bamberg experts weigh in on the recent fire

On 15 April, a fire broke out in the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral. The cathedral’s roof and spire collapsed later the same evening. The damage to this Parisian landmark is immense. Over the last 20 years, experts from the Institute of Archaeology, Heritage Sciences and Art History have pursued numerous, intensive research projects at Notre-Dame. These experts can provide in-depth information on subjects including architecture, materials used, Notre-Dame’s significance for the formation of French identity and the following additional topics:

Prof. Dr. Stephan Albrecht
Medieval Art History
Contact via Samira Rosenbaum
Tel.: 0951/863-1156
Email: forschungskommunikation(at)uni-bamberg.de

  • History, engineering and materials used at Notre-Dame from the Middle Ages to the present, especially roof structure, spire, windows etc.
  • Architecture, engineering, stone, chromaticity of Notre-Dame and the effects of fire and smoke
  • The cathedral of Notre-Dame as a national monument
  • The restoration of Notre-Dame in the 19th century
  • Materials, structural engineering and properties of Notre-Dame’s portals

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Vinken
Heritage Sciences
Tel.: 0951/863-2401

  • Reconstruction of lost objects
  • Notre-Dame’s significance for the formation of French identity
  • Conservation measures in medieval sacred buildings
  • Value and appraisal of material cultural assets

Photo “Bild CAD-Umzeichnung Portal“: Section of the Notre-Dame transept’s south portal as a CAD tracing.(305.9 KB) Copyright: Angel Menargues/Ruth Tenschert/Universität Bamberg
(498.5 KB)

Photo “Paris außen Tympanon klein”: Detailed view of the Tympanum on the south transept portal from the point cloud of the terrestrial laser scan.(304.4 KB) Copyright: Ruth Tenschert/Universität Bamberg
(4.9 MB)

The scholars all work in the University of Bamberg’s  “Development and Preservation of Cultural Assets” research focus area. Further information and up-to-date announcements concerning this focal area can be found at www.uni-bamberg.de/forschung/forschungsprofil/kulturgut/

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