New Partner University in Israel

    Universities of Bamberg and Tel Aviv sign cooperation agreement

    The University of Bamberg has a new partner abroad: the Tel Aviv University in Israel. At the end of the summer semester, University of Bamberg president Dr. Godehard Ruppert and Tel Aviv University vice-president Dr. Raanan Rein signed the new cooperation agreement. The agreement will promote student and instructor exchange, collaborative cultural activities and joint research and will officially come into effect at the start of the 2016/17 winter semester on 1 October 2016. “We are so pleased to partner with the University of Tel Aviv – an institution renowned for the strength of its research and for its position among the most prominent universities in Israel,” says Godehard Ruppert.  

    The University of Bamberg currently maintains cooperative partnerships with approximately 300 universities and institutions of higher education in more than 60 countries, and Tel Aviv University is now the first Israeli university in this broad network. The two scholars responsible for initiating the partnership are Dr. Peter Riedlberger, a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Bamberg, and Dr. Ido Israelowich, who is a Senior Lecturer at Tel Aviv University. The two men have been working together academically for some time and are now happy to see their personal collaboration grow into an official partnership between their respective institutions – not least because the partnership will allow for further expansion of their exchange.

    Reflecting on the preparation leading up to the official agreement, Dr. Andreas Weihe, director of the University of Bamberg’s International Office, remarked, “We’ve never had a cooperation agreement come together as quickly and smoothly as the one with Tel Aviv University. It really shows the significance of this partnership for both sides.” The University of Bamberg is excited about welcoming its first students from Tel Aviv and has already established an exchange scholarship for this purpose.