Andrea M. Müller/Universität Bamberg

Foreign students enjoy the unique historic atmosphere of the World Heritage city Bamberg.

Andrea M. Müller/Universität Bamberg

302 exchange students from 37 countries are currently studying here - a new record.

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First English Edition of Uni.vers Studies Published

We proudly present… uni.vers Studies! The most recent issue of the University of Bamberg Magazine, uni.vers Studium, has been published in English for the first time. This special issue is geared specifically towards prospective foreign students and provides information on international degree programmes, organisational and advisory services and the city of Bamberg.

There are a lot of good reasons to study abroad. While some who pursue foreign studies do so to improve foreign language skills or work personally with renowned experts in a particular field, others spend a semester abroad to broaden their horizons, experience a new culture or fulfil a personal dream.

Personal reasons may vary, but there are countless arguments for pursuing studies here in Bamberg: The exceptional quality of the university’s degree programmes, the excellent advisory services and student-to-instructor ratios, and the unique historic atmosphere of the World Heritage city draw approximately 900 foreign students to the University of Bamberg each year.

In the current 2014/2015 winter semester, there are 302 exchange students from 37 countries studying here in Bamberg – a new record. Conversely, about 600 Bamberg students venture abroad each year. This means that our mid-sized university is not only regionally rooted, but also part of a broad international network, and as far as foreign mobility is concerned, we are number 1 in all of Bavaria.

For the first time: uni.vers in English

For this reason, the uni.vers Studies magazine has decided to venture in a new direction: not only has the magazine been published in English for the first time, but the contents have also been tailored to address foreign students and their particular concerns. There are sections outlining English-language degree courses and international programmes, and other sections provide information on Bamberg’s student dormitories and support and advisory services. Furthermore, this special issue contains a 10-point guide for successfully planning exchange or doctoral studies abroad.

The lion’s share of these support services is provided by the employees of the university’s Welcome Center and International Office. This experienced staff offers support and assistance with any problems or questions foreign students may have. Prof. Sebastian Kempgen, Vice-President of the University of Bamberg, emphasises this point, stating, “Whatever questions or concerns you might have as a student, you’ll find competent and cooperative advisors and support staff who are ready to provide assistance and help you feel at home in Bamberg.”

And indeed, the university’s appeal extends beyond the larger groups of undergraduate students to include those pursuing advanced degrees: this new edition of uni.vers includes interviews with a number of doctoral candidates who explain why they have chosen to continue their studies at the University of Bamberg.

Tips on living and studying

The English-language edition of uni.vers also includes personal statements and advice from foreign students. They share their experiences in Bamberg, talk about their favourite places and offer newcomers valuable tips on living and studying in the World Heritage city. In his own personal statement, Dr. Andreas Weihe, Director of the university’s International Office, offers encouragement to prospective foreign students: “Come to Bamberg and join our international student community! And live your dream… We are looking forward to meeting you!”

The complete uni.vers Studies magazine is available for download here.


This press release was written by Kathrin Wimmer for the University of Bamberg’s press office and was translated by Benjamin Wilson. It may be used without restriction for journalistic purposes.

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