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The University of Bamberg’s application for the DAAD “IPID4all – International Promovieren in Deutschland – for all” funding initiative was a success: For three years the university will receive funding for a range of measures intended to support the internationalisation of doctoral studies.

    New Stimulus for International Doctoral Studies

    DAAD-programme IPID4all

    Good news for doctoral candidates: The University of Bamberg’s application for the DAAD “IPID4all – International Promovieren in Deutschland – for all” funding initiative was a success. The programme will increase support both for foreign scholars pursing doctoral degrees in Germany and for German scholars who wish to travel abroad.

    The University of Bamberg’s application, submitted under the title “Academic Careers, Cooperation and Cultures,” was prepared jointly by the Trimberg Research Academy (TRAc) and the International Office’s Welcome Center. The successful application means that for three years, beginning 1 November 2014, the university will receive funding totalling €220,000 for a range of measures intended to support the internationalisation of doctoral studies.

    The application was designed in a way that will allow scholars working in the often unique contexts of their various academic fields to profit from the funding measures. For starters, the programme is open to doctoral candidates from all subject areas and disciplines, regardless of whether they are writing their dissertations independently or as members of an established doctoral programme. Moreover, the funding is available to both Bamberg candidates abroad, as well as foreign scholars who wish to pursue their research in Bamberg.

    Wide-ranging Support: Symposia, Workshops, Networking Events and Mobility Aid

    Professor Astrid Schütz, the University of Bamberg’s Vice-president for research, hopes that the initiative will provide new stimulus for young scholars, and she has highlighted its significance for the university’s doctoral landscape, saying, “For years, the University of Bamberg has been a leader in international student exchange. And now, with IPID4all, we have the opportunity to continue to strengthen internationalisation at the doctoral level.” In particular, IPID4all funding will create new opportunities or provide additional support for the following activities:

    • Expert Symposia: This measure is geared towards the eleven doctoral programmes currently operating at the University of Bamberg. Over the course of the thee-year IPID4all period, each of these programmes will receive onetime funding (including material and personnel expenses) to plan and carry out a symposium, and to help bring in foreign experts (doctoral candidates and university professors) as participants.
    • Interdisciplinary Workshops and Networking Opportunities: Thanks to IPID4all, it will be possible to expand the University of Bamberg’s existing offering of interdisciplinary workshops for doctoral candidates to include additional events dealing with interculturality and internationality (e.g. as part of the TRAc doctoral academy). These opportunities are open to both scholars working independently and to those whose doctoral studies are part of a structured programme. Additionally, a three-week intensive German language course aimed specifically at foreign doctoral candidates will also be available from 2015 to 2017. Moreover, the programme will include regular networking events at which foreign scholars will have the opportunity to better get to know each other and to exchange information and experiences in a truly international setting.
    • Mobility Aid: Various measures dealing with foreign mobility among doctoral candidates (both “incoming” and “outgoing” scholars) represent a further core element of IPID4all funding. Every doctoral candidate with a primary advisor at the University of Bamberg may competitively apply to receive funding for foreign research stays (max. 3 months) and for participation in conferences and symposia abroad (max. 5 days). Doctoral scholars and other interested graduates from abroad may also apply for funded trial visits to Bamberg in order to meet with potential advisors and explore the possibility of pursuing doctoral studies here. All mobility aid stipends are announced centrally once a year. A multidisciplinary selection panel makes all decisions on the allocation of mobility aid.

    Please note that there are strict application deadlines for mobility aid stipends and that you should therefore allow yourself sufficient time for your application.


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