Information on internships, Recognition of academic achievements and EMOS application form

Note on the Corona pandemic:

For Learning Agreements, you can currently send your completed application form directly to the Examination Committee (E-Mail:

For credit applications that do not require a certified copy of your transcript, as well as questions regarding your credit, please contact the functional address set up for this purpose (E-Mail: anrechnung.stat-oek(at)

Information on internships and research projects

Internships should be completed in a field of activity related to the contents of the Master's programme in Survey Statistics. If you are unsure about later crediting, you can have this checked in advance and confirmed by the examination board using the form below. Research projects differ from internships primarily in that they are carried out in cooperation with a chair/institute at a university.

In principle, only internships that have been started after taking up the Master's programme in Survey Statistics can be credited, since an essential learning objective is the practical application of the skills acquired during the MiSS programme.

A six-week and up to three-month internship can be regularly included in the Master's programme Survey Statistics with 8 or 16 ECTS credits. In terms of labour law, such an internship is thus a compulsory and not a voluntary internship (please refer the personnel departments to this paragraph when inquiring).


Credits for examinations and internships/research projects


Please hand in (pre-)completed forms to the secretariat of the Chair of Statistics and Econometrics. If you have any questions in advance, please contact Mr. Michael Mühlbauer, M.Sc.

With the form below you can:

  • have credits awarded for work already completed which, according to the module handbook, are also part of the curriculum of the Master's programme in Survey Statistics (MiSS)
  • have achievements recognised as so-called equivalent achievements. This includes "substitute modules" (applies primarily to diploma students whose PO does not correspond to the current course offerings), but also achievements at other universities that are comparable in content to a corresponding MiSS module.
  • generally have achievements recognised for a certain module group. This applies, for example, to seminars that are offered once or too irregularly to be included in the module handbook.
  • Achievements from the module group "Application" that are not listed in the module handbook. In this case, confirmation should be made before taking the module.
  • Have the content equivalence/creditability confirmed before the performance ("Learning Agreement"), for example in the run-up to a stay abroad or when taking modules that are not listed in the module handbook.

The credit form for (external) examination achievements in the M. Sc. Survey-Statistics can be found here.(255.6 KB)

For the crediting of examination achievements, you need a description of the module in addition to a certificate (Transcript of Records), unless it is a module completed at the Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg.

For the crediting of internships/research projects, you are also required to submit a short report on your activity and you need proof showing the duration of your activity (e.g. certificate, confirmation from the AG).

Please note that the second page of the form is absolutely necessary for the crediting of examination achievements that were completed abroad.


EMOS application form

Have the attached application form(118.7 KB) confirmed in advance by the teaching department that the internship position and the topic of the Master's thesis can be credited towards obtaining the EMOS certificate.

If all requirements for the EMOS certificate are fulfilled, the certificate can be applied for at the following e-mail address: silvia.foertsch(at)