Course descriptions: Undergraduate

Statistics for Undergraduate/Bachelor Programme

Representative: Prof. Dr. Timo Schmid

Subject Topics:

The course in statistical methods is divided into two parts, which are tested separately. Statistical Methods I (descriptive statistics) and Statistical Methods II (probability and inferential statistics) are taught every term. The purpose of the courses is to present basic ideas of descriptive statistics, probability and inferential statistics. Modern statistical software will be used throughout the course to demonstrate how to apply the techniques on real data.
Statistical methods I provides an elementary introduction to the treatment of data. Topics include: collection of data, categorisation, numerical summaries of the  sample and different measures, graphical presentation.
Statistical methods II deals with the concept of probability and drawing inference from data. For instance, inferential statistics can be used to make conclusions about a population based on information extracted from a random sample. Topics include: point estimation, interval estimation, hypothesis testing, prediction.   


Students should familiarise themselves with the fundamental statistical methods. In particular, the theoretical basic concepts, the preconditions of their applicability, their implementation implementation by means of statistical software as well as the reasonable interpretation of the results present the key aspects of these methods. 

Syllabi (descriptions of the modules):

Statistical Methods I(134.4 KB)

Statistical Methods II(135.1 KB)

Applied Statistics on PC(148.4 KB)


For each of the both modules, Statistical Methods I and Statistical Methods II, is offered a 90-minute exam in every semester. Both exams have to be passed. In every semester there is an exam offering for both courses which does also apply, if the respective course is not lectured. For the course Applied Statistics on PC is offered a 60-minute exam in every semester.

Bachelor Degree Programme with beginning in winter term 2010/2011

Courses for Bachelor Degree Programmeeranstaltungen/Kurse im Grundstudium/Bachelorstudium
Lecture: Statistical Methods I (Vorlesung: Methoden der Statistik I)L (V)FlexNow90  6* WT/ST
Exercise course: Statistical Methods I (Übung: Methoden der Statistik I)EC (Ü) -
Lecture: Statistical Methods II  (Vorlesung: Methoden der Statistik II)L (V)FlexNow90  6*WT/ST
Exercise course: Statistical Methods II (Übung: Methoden der Statistik II)EC (Ü) -
Exercise course: Applied Statistics on PC (Übung: Angewandte Statistik am PC)EC (Ü)FlexNow60Statistical Methods I (Methoden der Statistik I)


* The course EES has different ECTS points!

HpW:Hours per Week
TM:Teaching Method
EC:Exercise Course
RE:Registration for Examination
DE:Duration of Examination
ECTS-Credits:Achievable ECTS-Credits
RP:Requirements for Participation
ST:Summer Term
WS:Winter Term