Research at the Chair of Statistics and Econometrics

In general, our research interests lie in the field of survey statistics, which includes methods that deal with the conceptualisation, scientific verification and, above all, statistical analysis of surveys. With the help of these methods, information can be obtained about the population from samples that have only a comparatively small proportion of the population. The focus of the chair is particularly on small-area estimation methods and the information enrichment of survey data with other data sources, such as data from official statistics or mobile phone data. In doing so, we estimate not only mean values, such as average wealth, but also non-linear indicators, such as various indicators measuring inequality or poverty. A feature of our research is also the evaluation of new methods. Simulations are an important tool for this. Thus, complex scenarios can be generated on which our newly developed methods can be tested.

For the implementation of our methods, we primarily use the programming language R. The development and publication of efficient R packages is also part of our research content.

Research Focus

  • Survey statistics, especially statistical modelling
  • Item- and unit-nonresponse in surveys
  • Merging data from different sources (data fusion) and identifiability
  • Indices and social indicators, especially poverty measurement
  • Use of big data (e.g. mobile phone data) in statistics
  • Small Area Estimation
  • Simulation techniques and Monte Carlo methods
  • Spatial analysis techniques
  • Sampling theory
  • Bayes statistics