Team of the Chair


Former Head of Chair

Temporary Head of Chair

Professor emeritus


  • Christine Linsner
  • Christiane Schönhammer


Researchers and Lecturers

[+49 951 / 863-]
Prof. Dr. Christian Aßmann-3927 or -3423F21/00.73mail
Michael Bergrab-2534F21/00.82mail
Dr. Sara Bleninger (Lehrb.)
Sylvia Böhm-2740F21/00.71mail
Julia Cielebak-2632F21/00.81mail
Silvia Förtsch
Dr. Michael Fürnrohr (Lehrb.)
Isabelle Gunselmann-2473F21/00.72mail
Angelina Hammon-2783F21/00.71mail
Dr. Zoltán Juhász (Lehrb.)
Irene Kliewer-2739F21/00.72mail
Dr. Florian Meinfelder-2741F21/00.79mail
Dr. Martin Messingschlager-2631F21/00.82mail
Stefanie Roppelt-2531--mail
Thorsten Schnapp-2496F21/00.78mail
Katharina Stark-2783F21/00.71mail
Doris Stingl-2541F21/00.78mail
Dr. Ariane Würbach (LIfBi)-3509WP3/01.21mail

Postdoctoral researchers

External postgraduate researchers

Finished dissertations

Student assistants & Tutors