Application for re-correction of exams in statistics and econometrics

If you have justified objections against the correction of your exam in statistics and econometrics, you can file an informal application for re-correction. Justified cases include:

  • wrong total score
  • uncorrected subtask
  • wrong correction with regards to content

If you want to request a re-correction of your exam, please send an email to our <link en stat-oek team-of-the-chair-of-statistics-econometrics secretary intern>secretary within 3 weeks after the centrally organized inspection of exams.

This email must contain the following information:

  • exam
  • name
  • matriculation number
  • reasons for your request

We will then request your exam form the registrar’s office and reassess it. Please note that at least 2 weeks elapse until re-correction and the subsequent information about the result of the re-correction

As soon as your exam has been re-corrected, you will be informed using the email address you provided when you filed the application.

When having official requests using email as a student (like learning agreements, letters of recommendations, further requests, etc.) make sure to use your student's email adress provided by the University of Bamberg.