Application for pre-correction of exams in statistics and econometrics

Where there is a good reason, it is possible to request a pre-correction of exams in statistics and econometrics. Justified cases include:

  • final try
  • stay abroad
  • change of university
  • change of course
  • BaFöG-application

If you want to request a pre-correction, please send an email to our <link en stat-oek team-of-the-chair-of-statistics-econometrics secretary intern>secretary at least one week prior to the examination date.

This email must contain the following information:

  • exam
  • name
  • matriculation number
  • reasons for your request

Additionally, on the day of exam, please write “Vorkorrektur” on the preliminary page of your exam. This simplifies the organization considerably.

As soon as your exam has been corrected, you will be informed using the email address you provided when you filed the application. Your grade will not be included in this email.

Please note: We do our best to inform you about the results as soon as possible. However, in general there is no right of pre-correction.

Thank you for your understanding that the information about the result of the pre-correction is sent at the earliest 3 weeks after the day of the exam. Please refrain from premature email demands!

When having official requests using email as a student (like learning agreements, letters of recommendations, further requests, etc.) make sure to use your student's email adress provided by the University of Bamberg.