User Account for Doctoral Candidates

Doctoral candidates at the University of Bamberg can receive a personal user account. This user account comprises a user name (also called BA number, e.g. ba7da19) and a corresponding password. The corresponding email address reads as follows:

We recommend all doctoral candidates do the following:

  • apply for a personal user account and
  • use your account to register at TRAc (short for “Trimberg Research Academy”)

After completing both these steps, your user account will be valid for the complete duration of your doctoral studies and could therefore be available for a longer period of time than the usual 6-semester period for doctoral candidates’ accounts.

The combination of BA number and corresponding password is your key to accessing various IT services.

Applying for a Personal User Account in Two Steps

Step 1: User account application

If you are enrolled at the University of Bamberg as a doctoral candidate and you already have access to a staff user account because you are also a university employee, you can continue to step 2: register with TRAc.

Otherwise, please apply for a doctoral candidate user account:

  • Use the application below (IAM-Portal) and follow the instructions provided.
  • You will receive all necessary information and data concerning your new user account as soon as the account is authorised by the management of the appropriate academic chair or organisational unit.
  • Before you can use this data to access IT services, you will have to set your password.
  • The initial setup of a user account includes the same authorisation parameters as an account for external users. Following registration with TRAc (step 2), the authorization parameters will be expanded to those of doctoral candidates.

Step 2: Register with TRAc

For your personal user account to be valid throughout the course of your doctoral studies, please register to be included in the TRAc doctoral students’ database:

  • Please use the application form provided under the following website and enter the email address of your personal user account (
  • Please send the completed form to the address stated therein.
  • After registration in the TRAc database, your personal user account includes all authorisation rights pertaining to doctoral candidates.

User Lifecycle for Doctoral Candidates
(Prior registration with TRAc required)

The management of university members’ accounts, from the start of employment to the cancellation of the account, has been automated by means of the User Lifecycle. Your doctoral candidate user account is linked to the duration of your studies.

The following tables provide the chronology of the individual steps regarding your user account, from its creation to its deletion.

Receiving and Utilising Your Account

User Lifecycle stepTimeline
Creation of your user accountAfter your application has been approved
Registration with TRAcAfter receiving your user account
Use of your accountAfter receiving your BA number and password

The End of your Doctoral Studies and your User Account

User Lifecycle stepTimeline relative to the end of the doctoral studies
Email: noticeapprox. 25 weeks later (180 days)
Email: reminderapprox. 27 weeks later (194 days)
Disabling of the user accountapprox. 29 weeks later (208 days)
Deletion of the user accountapprox. 31 weeks later (222 days)

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