Divisions at the KDWT

Shared themes and areas of knowledge transfer

  • Culture-technology transfer: A central field of research at the Centre is the conservation of urban heritage. A pilot project initiated in cooperation with the Bavarian State Conservation Office (BLfD) is aimed at the documentation and investigation of village centres in Bavaria, with the goal of developing a technologically innovative and citizen-oriented approach to the conservation of historic urban fabric. 
  • Long-term digital documentation: The updating of digital technologies for the registration and long-term documentation of buildings is paired with the development of digital platforms for studies in cultural history, in the planning sciences and in archival studies.
  • Digital object recording and analysis: Updating digital technologies for the non-destructive recording, analysis and indexing of complex objects is essential to the fields of architectural and artistic monument preservation and archaeology. The investigation of energy balance and exchange in regional historical building constructions represents a further area of special emphasis.
  • Historical working techniques: The documentation, evaluation, classification and web-based presentation of historical working techniques provides a knowledge base for the building trades, for use in cooperation with craftsmen and industry as well as with institutions such as World Heritage Centres and museums.