The Team of Materials and Preservation Science at the KDWT

Prof. Dr. Paul Bellendorf

Professorship in Materials and Preservation Science


Am Zwinger 4, Raum 02.24
96047 Bamberg


CV / Publications / Research

Franziska Prell, M.A.

Associate "Microanalysis"


Am Zwinger 6, Raum 01.07
96047 Bamberg

Tel.: +49(0)951-863-1620

Dipl.-Geol. Martina Pristl 

Associate "Instrumental analytics"


Am Zwinger 6, Labor
96047 Bamberg

Tel.: +49(0)951-863-1621


Leander Pallas, M.A.

Associate "ndt"


Am Zwinger 6, Raum 01.07
96047 Bamberg

Tel.: +49(0)951-863-1620

Jonatan May

Student Assistant

Am Zwinger 6, 3D-Labor
96047 Bamberg


For more informations as well as the full list of associates check out the homepage of the Professorship in Materials and Preservations Science.