Division Digital Technologies in Heritage Conservation

Profile and transfer Digital Technologies in Heritage Conservation

Today, innovative paths of digitisation are being taken in the field of heritage conservation and museum science. Sustainable data acquisition and collection as well as the management of this data for a better research of monuments and cultural assets of all kinds are more and more interlocked with an optimal use of digital technologies and new sensors. In the field of optical surveying techniques, the methods applied are based on metrology from the engineering sciences. Automation of recording processes and mass digitisation of a large number of artefacts or buildings are research topics today. The fields of 3D acquisition, 3D printing, virtual reality and augmented reality open up new dimensions and perspectives for the interactive communication of museum issues and in art and culture.

The Chair for Digital Technologies in Heritage Conservation will be headed by the first appointed Prof. Dr. Mona Hess from October 2017. The new technical professorship, in the Faculty of Humanities, will create strategic networking and integration into the international networks in Digital Heritage and Digital Humanities for the University of Bamberg and the Centre for Heritage Conservation Studies and Technologies (KDWT).

The interdisciplinary team at the chair (3D imaging techniques, art history, digital humanities, surveying engineering) will deal in research and teaching with applied and object-related digitisation of cultural assets at all scales, focusing on questions posed by clients and users in monument conservation and museology and providing suggestions for solutions.