Location: European Academy Berlin & Online

ICOMOS Water Heritage Conference

a Source of Knowledge for Sustainable Development Contribution to the Global Climate Goals and to the Conference on the Future of Europe.

In Europe, a variety of objects, institutions and cultural practices have developed over long periods of time that serve the management of water in the broadest sense. These include drinking water supply and wastewater disposal, agriculture, flood protection, transport and energy production, but also spiritual purposes and rights of use. This water-related heritage links nature and culture and holds rich historical knowledge for the development of sustainable strategies for the future.
The event will focus on the specific question of what contribution water-related heritage can make to sustainable development or to achieving the climate goals and the global goals for sustainable development of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. The research of this heritage over long periods of time and in the context of social and ecological developments, the communication of these findings, and the dialogue with engineers, planners, political decisionma-kers and organised civil society play a prominent role in this.
In cooperation between the European Academy Berlin, ICOMOS Germany and the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee Water and Heritage, the central themes of water, cultural heritage and climate goals will be brought into relation over two conference days. The conference aims to help close disciplinary and institutional gaps, stimulate communication and interaction between the cultural heritage and water sectors, and communicate the relevance of the topic as well as policy needs and goals between civil society and politics.

Location: European Academy Berlin, Bismarckallee 46/48,
14193 Berlin and online
Registration for physical and online participation required at
water@icomos.de. Limited number of seats.

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