Admission and Enrollment

Entry Requirements

Applicants to the Master of Arts in Prehistoric Archaeology require an undergraduate degree in an archaeological discipline or an equivalent, comparable qualification with an overall result of 2.5 or better. Alternatively, the institution issuing the degree may confirm in writing that the applicant graduated among the top 30% of their cohort.

Students in this programme need good knowledge of a foreign language, especially English, to complete their studies successfully.

Other requirements

The following traits will be essential for your studies:

- A keen interest in prehistoric research questions and the desire to find academically sound answers to them.

- A passion for reading, understanding and discussing archaeological specialist literature

- The ability to work outdoors in any weather and stay enthusiastic about your work even in difficult conditions

- A willingness to learn new working and evaluation methods, technical equipment and software


Admission to the master’s degree course is not subject to any restrictions, but you must submit an application. The application process takes place online. Applications are open until the enrolment closing date of the ongoing semester. For concrete dates, see the University’s student information pages.