The Master of Arts in Prehistoric Archaeology teaches you to:

  • Contextualise and interpret sources from the field of prehistory archaeology in terms of their cultural and historical context
  • Grasp and independently apply theoretical and methodical approaches to prehistoric archaeology
  • Understand processes and conditions within their wider archaeological context and identify their relevance to other cultural and natural sciences
  • Critically analyse and evaluate archaeological literature
  • Independently and competently carry out excavations and site prospections
  • Comprehend sources from the field of prehistoric archaeology in the context of heritage conservation
  • Appropriately present topics and contexts from the field of prehistoric archaeology in written, visual and museum formats for general audiences.

Our research profile focuses on:

* chronology: prehistoric sources from the Neolithic period through to the beginning of the Early Middle Ages

* regions: all of Europe; excursions primarily to the British Isles and Scandinavia

* education: typical methods complemented by a considerable emphasis on practical experiences (prospection and excavation using modern technologies, such as GNSS-supported tacheometry, geophysica, evaluation with geographic information systems, 3D laser scanning to capture finds, etc.)