Career Prospects

Graduates of the Master of Arts in Prehistoric Archaeology have gained a range of competences which qualify them for roles in the core areas of archaeological monument conservation, museums, communal archaeology, private-sector archaeological excavation and many other fields beyond these core areas, such as tourism, publishing, etc. A good master's degree also enables you to pursue a doctoral degree programme. Many employment opportunities in the higher grades of the civil service require a doctorate.

Archaeological monument conservation: Areas of involvement

  • Creation of monument inventories
  • Regional departments
  • Supervision of monument conservation volunteers
  • Conference planning and management
  • Public relations

Museum: Areas of involvement

  • Exhibition design and implementation
  • Conference planning and management
  • Public relations
  • Creation of inventories of finds
  • Depot management

Private-sector archaeological excavations (excavation companies):

  • Excavation personnel
  • Excavation manager


  • Qualified contribution to university research projects
    • Research associate with independent responsibilities
    • Conference planning and management
    • Independent presentation of research results
  • Independent doctoral research