Programme Profile

The Bamberg bachelor’s degree programme in Archaeology is a modern, practice-oriented programme. It covers human history from the Stone Age until the very recent past. A defining feature of this programme is the way it interlinks various archaeological subdisciplines. It stands out among archaeological bachelor’s degree programmes in the German-speaking world for its particular breadth of subject matter and periods covered.

We offer you a broad foundational education in archaeology, with a focus on the acquisition of fundamental academic knowledge and methodological skills. Particular emphasis is placed on the combination of teaching, research and practical relevance.

Seminars, lectures, practical training courses and colloquia provide an overview of the key issues and approaches of archaeology. Particularities of the Bamberg programme are our strong links to practice and the incorporation of heritage conservation aspects in our teaching. Links are drawn between theory and practice thanks to practical training courses with archaeological objects, digs, internships and field trips.

A key feature of this programme is the optimal support ratio between staff and students, as well as it being rooted in a faculty where dedicated researchers from the various fields of the humanities conduct research and teach.

By individually choosing your classes, you are able to pursue your own fields of interest and develop thematic specialisations. You will be introduced to individually selected topics that teach you how to understand the cultural roots of the present.


Prof. Dr. Rainer Atzbach, Associate Professor, Section for Medieval and Renaissance Archaeology, Aarhus University

In Bamberg, I got a good overview of all aspects of archaeology in the medieval and post-medieval periods. Thanks to this sound education, I’ve been able to work on interesting projects in both heritage conservation agencies and museums. If I were to start my studies again, I would definitely study in Bamberg.

Barbara Holzapfel, graduate of the bachelor’s degree programme in Archaeology, 2019

I’m currently a student in the master’s programme in Prehistoric and Ancient Archaeology. In my opinion, the bachelor’s programme in Archaeology at the University of Bamberg prepares you especially well for your career – particularly in terms of methodological skills. 

Archaeological heritage in Germany dates back to different eras of pre-history and early history, the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages or the early modern period. All of these fields are united under one roof in Bamberg, so students get an overview of all the relevant eras during their studies. On top of that, you learn techniques from the Geoarchaeology group that you can use to reveal underground anthropogenic features through modern technology. In practical work with archaeological finds, work in the field, as well as when using computer software and technical equipment, you can draw on the knowledge and experience of the lecturers and the expertise of the staff and receive the best possible support and supervision. This practical focus is, in my view, an advantage of the Bamberg programme that should not be underestimated.

The library is located just opposite our facilities and literature is easy to access via the library system. This means that us students always have access to the extensive collection of books. Through term papers and presentations, I felt like I had a good grasp of how to do academic work by the end of my studies. 

You get an insight into the labour market by listening to accounts from your fellow students or alumni, or by getting involved in different projects led by the relevant academic units. The archaeological colloquium – where you hear intriguing talks from experts – information events, student study groups and the opportunities you have to speak to people personally at these numerous events also help in this regard.