Location: University of Bamberg

Fieldwork - Introduction to Airborne Laser Scanning Data Processing and Interpretation

Participants will learn how to process ALS data and interpret their derivatives

During a week of activities related to Airborne Laser Scanning (ALS) data processing and interpretation participants will learn how to: obtain ALS data from a public domain, inspect and process point clouds (LAS/LAZ) it in order to produce archaeologically relevant derivatives (i.e. digital surface models), manipulate the data in order to extract meaningful information (i.e. using different types of visualizations), interpret archaeological landscapes recorded in DSMs and to export it in to a mobile data formats for field work purposes. Field work will include one day of visit in the landscapes significant to studies of the recent past archaeology (Ohrdurf/Arnstadt and/or Buchenwald Memorial).

Lecturer: Mikołaj Kostyrko

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