Project Digital Nudges for Behavior Change in Enterprise Information Systems

Person responsible for module: Sebastian Günther


The value of information systems depends greatly on user behavior. This project focuses on the design and prototypical implementation of behavioral interventions in enterprise information systems, with the aim to increase important business metrics or achieve socially desirable effects. Students apply decision theories to develop innovative concepts, which they then actively embed into established information systems as software applications.

During the project, the following contents are covered in detail:

  • Fundamentals of behavioral economics and decision theory.
    • In-depth examination of various theoretical models.
    • Analysis of the applicability of these models in the context of a specific information system.
  • Creation of a nudging/intervention tool.
    • Access to API methods for data extraction from the information system.
    • Practical implementation of the behavioral interventions as a prototype.
    • Integration of the prototype into the information system.
    • Conducting simple system tests.
  • Sketching possible evaluation strategies for assessing user behavior.

The language of instruction is agreed upon in the first course together with the course participants.

Learning outcomes:

After completing the module, students will have developed a current and practice-relevant IT tool to achieve desirable behavioral effects. Thereafter, students will be able to

  • record, analyze, and develop concrete implementations of given requirements for a nudging tool, based on scientific literature,
  • collect and process suitable data for the given problem,
  • work in an agile project team,

prepare and hold project interim presentations that are appropriate to the target group and defend the approach and results.

Organizational details: 

You can register for the project by email to the secretariat ( from March 1 to April 19, 2024.

Please provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Enrollment number
  • Study program
  • Semester of study

Mode of Delivery: Project

ECTS/Workload: 6 ECTS / 180 h
Lecturers: Sebastian Günther
Language: German/English
Frequency: every summer semester
Coursework Assignment with presentation / Duration of Examination: 20 minutes - Duration of coursework: 4 months