MaLT Symposium 2015

Methods and Linguistic Theories (27. - 28.11.2015)

The Bamberg Graduate School of Linguistics is organizing a symposium on research methods in linguistics, which will take place November 27th - 28th 2015 at the University of Bamberg, Germany.

Over the past few decades, linguistic theorizing has benefited from an increasing trend towards empirical methodologies across all disciplines. Methodological know-how – both productive and receptive – has thus become one of the key qualifications for (beginning) researchers. The empirical turn in linguistics has gone hand in hand with a considerable diversification of research methods. This diversity, which has come to be seen as a strength of linguistics as a field, has also benefited linguistic theory building.

MaLT provides a forum for researchers to meet peers from other branches of linguistics, look beyond their specific disciplinary boundaries and draw inspiration from neighboring fields. With its emphasis on cross-disciplinary exchange, it offers researchers the opportunity to expand their repertoire of theoretical approaches and methods within and beyond those typically adopted in their subfield. The program will strike a balance between talks and workshops with a methodological focus, which offer hands-on practical advice on a diverse number of topics.

The conference is aimed at early-career researchers (graduate students, PhD candidates and Postdocs) from all linguistic disciplines and neighboring fields with an interest in empirical approaches to language studies. There is no conference fee, but participants need to register and sign up for workshops (see details below). 

Location: Markusstraße 8a MG2/00.10 (-> see google maps)

Plenary speakers:

Martin Hilpert(9.6 KB, 1 Seite) (Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland)
Alexander Ziem(13.8 KB, 1 Seite)
(Universität Düsseldorf, Germany)