KInf-MobAss-M: Mobile Assistance Systems


  • Reading Course: Prof. Dr. Christoph Schlieder
  • Lab Sessions: Clemens Klug, M.Sc.


  • Wednesday, 12-14 Uhr, WE5/04.003
  • Tuesday, 10-12 Uhr, WE5/01.003


Note that there are no classes on the following public holydays

  • Wednesday, May 1th, 2019
  • Tuesday, June 11th, 2019



The module introduces students into the research literature on mobile assistance systems. It consists of two parts, a lecture and reading course (Vorlesung) which covers methods and lab sessions in which the methods are applied in a software development project (Übung).

Students solve a small number of programming problems related to mobile assistance systems. The software is developed in Android and typically tested on GPS smartphones. Students should come with basic Java programming skills and can familiarize themselves with Android during the course. Solutions to the programming problems are presented by the students in a colloquium (20 min) at the end of the semester.

A digital travel guide running on a smart phone and a CAD-based system for the documentation of built heritage with a TabletPC are two examples of software solutions designed to assist mobile users, that is, examples of mobile assistance systems. The course introduces students to the research literature on mobile assistance systems and enables them to put concepts and methods into practice. Introductions to positioning technologies, place models, and mobile applications such as geographic recommender or location-based games are presented in form of a lecture. Other parts of the material are organized in form of a reading course in which the students critically analyze and discuss the research literature.

Students completing this module should be able to

  • explain and compare the fundamental concepts of mobile assistance systems
  • describe and analyze methods for geo-positioning and place modeling
  • critically discuss approaches to specific types of mobile applications such as: geographic recommender, tourist guides, location-based games, documentation systems

For more Information see Modulhandbuch.

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