BERA: Counselling in Schools

AIM: Beratungskompetenz von Lehrkräften in Ausbildung und Anwendung fördern

Counselling competencies are an important facet among teachers‘ professional skills, yet often receive little attention in teacher training and education. BERA links practical requirements with the, thus far underappreciated, promotion of counselling competencies in (further) teacher education.


  • The cross-section module Counselling (Querschnittsmodul Beratung) channels the considerable expertise of the University of Bamberg in regard to research on counselling and makes them accessible to students of teacher study programmes. Learning and teaching material with practical applicability promotes counselling and conversational skills, as well as a reflection on the role of counsellor  which students will experience at school.
  • The Counselling Centre (Beratungszentrum) serves as a place of learning. Here, counselling concepts for various target groups are developed and tested for a school context. In the practical parts of the cross-section module, students take part in the development and application of counselling formats.

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As part of the ‘Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung’ (Quality Campaign for Teacher Education), a joint programme by the federal government and the federal states, WegE  is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.