Lifelong Learning

Systematic further vocational training and additional qualifications are of great importance in all stages of teacher education, thus encouraging and supporting lifelong learning. ‘Lifelong Learning’ aims at coordinating and systematising the possibilities which The University of Bamberg offers in this field.

The director and the academic board of the Bamberg Centre for Teacher Education are in charge of (and responsible for) this project.


Description of the project:

In cooperation with the project’s internet platform we plan to establish a database in order to systematically collect and coordinate the offers provided by the University of Bamberg in the area of further vocational training and additional qualifications.

Surveys in schools aim at finding out how to frame these offers according to the teachers' demands.

Moreover, we aim at continually developing and adjusting the organisational framework, cooperation between departments, and content on offer.

Furthermore, we support and coordinate the implementation of new Master of Education (M.Ed.) programmes at the University of Bamberg.

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As part of the ‘Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung’ (Quality Campaign for Teacher Education), a joint programme by the federal government and the federal states, WegE  is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.