Programme Profile

The master’s degree programme in Heritage Conservation is run by the University of Bamberg in cooperation with Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts. The broadly interdisciplinary degree programme provides you with in-depth subject-specific knowledge in various working fields of heritage conservation, both theoretical and practical. In addition, students also actively learn academic working methods, how to argue a point confidently and how to cooperate with other disciplines.
External experts and specialists, including those from the Bavarian Office for the Conservation of Historic Monuments contribute their expertise to the classes offered and open up multi-faceted insights into the key professional fields of heritage conservation.
Thanks to this tight-knit network of experts and an abundance of technical resources, the Bamberg master’s degree programme in Heritage Conservation has developed over recent decades to become an in-demand and highly successful programme with the most extensive curriculum of its kind in the German-speaking world.

Thematic focus areas

  • Heritage Sciences
    Methods, theories and concepts of heritage conservation, including historical perspectives; urban heritage conservation and village regeneration; international heritage conservation. Take a look at the website for Heritage Conservation.
  • Building History, Building Archaeology and Building Restoration
    Building history and the history of construction techniques; historical and technical building archaeology; construction documentation in accordance with heritage regulations; tacheometry; integrative digital documentation and planning systems; constructing digital models; renovation technology. Take a look at the website for Building Archaeology.
  • Materials and Preservation Science
    Material science and the analysis of historical construction materials; digital archiving and documentation; 3D object surveying and CAD/CAM technologies; planning restoration strategies. Take a look at the website for Materials and Preservation Science.
  • Bauerhalt und Sanierungstechnologien
    Bauwerksanalyse und ingenieurtechnische Leistungen im Bereich Architektur und Bauingenieurwesen; Vermitteln von bautechnischen Grundlagen im denkmalgeschützten Bestand. Zur Seite der Kooperation mit der Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften Coburg (HAW), Fakultät Design.  
  • Dendrochronology and Historic Timber Structures
    Documenting and analysing historic timber structures; dating wood in fixed and mobile wooden cultural goods. Find more information on the Laboratory for Dendrochronology and Historic Timber Structures page.
  • Archäologische Wissenschaften
    The significance of archaeological heritage and monuments; documenting heritage sites and regulations on heritage conservation in archaeology; applying methodological tools. Take a look at the website for Heritage Conservation Regarding the Archaeology of the Roman Provinces.

The list of final theses provides(1.2 MB) an overview of the topical focus areas of our graduates since 1983.