Project by Bamberg students wins the Friedrich Ebert Foundation's Commitment Award 2020 

The project "youmocracy - Democracy needs you!", which was recently co-founded by students from the University of Bamberg, has already achieved its first success: It is one of the winners of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation's Commitment Award 2020 (FES alumni) and has been awarded funding of 2,000 Euros. The founding members from Bamberg are, among others, Michael Neuner (doctoral student at the Chair of Economics, esp. Empirical Economics), Marie-Madeleine Eklund (student, Political Science) and Florentin Siegert (former student, Political Science).

Youmocracy is a nationwide, cross-party discussion forum for young people and young adults. The aim is to promote the exchange and further education of young people with different views and biographies. To this end, socio-political topics are explained and discussed within the boundaries of the free democratic constitutional framework. The central idea here is that understanding one's counterpart and his/her opinion is fundamental for democratic discourse and cohesion in society. 

The Engagement Prize was awarded for the 14th time by the association FES-Ehemalige. Over the past years, more than 600 applications competed for more than 80,000 euros in prize funding. The selection criteria include how relevant the topic is and how sustainable and promising the project is implemented.

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