Master European Economic Studies: New double degree is now possible

The Andrássy University of Budapest and the Otto-Friedrich-University of Bamberg have concluded a new double degree agreement between the Master International Economy and Business (IEB) in Budapest and the Master European Economic Studies (EES) at the University of Bamberg.

"The new double degree program combines the strengths of two study programs and two universities, which have been cooperating very closely for many years. Due to the successful double-degrees with Hungarian universities at Bachelor's level, we are sure that the new Master's programme will also be very well accepted by students of both universities", says the programme coordinator EES, Prof. Marco Sahm.

The central discipline in the course of study at both universities is economics. Internationality, explicitly a strong European orientation, as well as interdisciplinarity with a strong behavioural economic profile are emphasized. The extensive range of elective courses in economics at the Otto-Friedrich-University of Bamberg is particularly remarkable, as it allows for individual specialization.

The Andrássy University of Budapest has a particularly strong interdisciplinary and European orientation in all disciplines. The students complete complementary courses in political science and law as well as history and cultural anthropology.

Students from both universities spend two semesters at their home university and then two semesters at the partner university. Successful graduates will receive both the Master IEB and the Master EES, as planned without extending the study period.

Interested persons from the Master's programme EES can contact the programme coordinator in Bamberg, Dr. Felix Stübbe(felix.stuebben(at)

Information about further double degrees in the subject EES can be found on the pages of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences at: