「Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Bamberg Graduate School of Social Sciences」


With a one-year delay due to the pandemic, we are excited to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Bamberg Graduate School of Social Sciences (BAGSS) that was founded in 2010. While we still cannot have a big gathering in Bamberg, we have designed a virtual event that brings the BAGSS community and friends together and highlights many of the aspects that have made the BAGSS a success story.

During its first decade, the BAGSS has greatly increased the national and international visibility and standing of the social and human sciences at the University of Bamberg. It brought high numbers of national and international graduate students, visiting researchers and guest speakers to Bamberg, hosted major international events like the ECPR Winter School on Methods and Techniques or the Summer Institute in Computational Social Science, and organized numerous workshops and conferences. Around 70 doctoral students successfully completed their doctoral degrees in our structured PhD programme, many of whom attained high positions inside and outside of academia. Most importantly, the structure and community at the BAGSS has helped this new generation of scholars to produce excellent and exciting research across the social and human sciences.

We want to celebrate the Graduate School’s anniversary by attending to our core activity –presenting and discussing research. To this end, our anniversary conference includes a variety of events:

  • Panels featuring research from the four thematic pillars of the BAGSS;
  •  A panel with cutting-edge research on the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in various areas of society;
  •  A poster session displaying ongoing work by our graduate students;
  •  An alumni event to strengthen ties between current and former BAGSS members; and
  •  An evening event on the role of graduate schools like the BAGSS for the future of graduate education.

We hope that this programme is not only intellectually stimulating but also provides ample opportunity to meet old friends, make new ones, and experience the international and intergenerational community that makes the BAGSS a special place and is so central to its past and future success.

I cordially invite you to celebrate with us and hope to see many of you in September!

Ulrich Sieberer
Director of the Bamberg Graduate School of Social Sciences




// Artist Siri Hermansen told doctoral students during the visit of her exhibition that “what is more important than thinking is what makes you think”. This reflects our aspiration as a Graduate School to provide a framework that allows emerging researchers to find their own voice as scientists. Therefore, thinking is not enough. It is the experiences that makes us think. A structured, yet personalized programme should nurture exceptional and stimulating experiences to bring doctoral research to the next level. The multidisciplinary research environment intends to inspire all scientific members of the Graduate School, doctoral fellows, faculty members, and guest researchers, to go further, asking themselves questions that go beyond the boundaries of scientific disciplines.

A structural framework that supports and reinforces doctoral research projects covering all aspects of scientific, administrative, financial, and socio-cultural support is critical to their success. A stipend provides aspiring academics with the opportunity to focus fulltime on their research and to have an independent research project, which is a first for many doctoral students at this point of their academic career. The Graduate School’s programme, training, management services, and network prepares doctoral researchers in a myriad of ways — methodically and mentally — for their dissertation, the science itself, their career, and a smooth transition into the post-doctoral labour market. //




On Thursday 16 and Friday 17 September 2021, the Bamberg Graduate School of Social Sciences is organising its Anniversary Conference for the members and alumni of BAGSS, members of our various partner institutions as well as special guests.

The conference will take place via Zoom and UniAdventure, a software developed by the Student Council of the Faculties for Information Systems and Applied Computer Sciences of the University of Bamberg. Links and tutorials will be provided to conference participants in due time as well as uploaded on our website.

We are looking forward to welcoming various guest speakers, including Professor Dr Kim Weeden (Director of the Center for the Study of Inequality, Cornell University),  Professor Dr Thomas Saalfeld (Vice President for Research, University of Bamberg) and Dr Michael Mihatsch (Head of the Department Universities, Bavarian Ministry of Science).



You can find a preliminary conference programme here. A full programme of our conference, including abstracts and keynote speakers, will be uploaded before 01 July 2021.



Registrations start on 01 July and close on 5 September 2021. Please note that the registration form will open only after 01 July 2021!


Contact: anniversaryconference.bagss(at)uni-bamberg.de
Facebook: bagssbamberg
Twitter: @BAGSS5




In the light of the upcoming celebration of the 10th anniversary of BAGSS, we are organising a poster competition to which all doctoral members of BAGSS are invited. Posters will be exhibited and discussed in a virtual poster session, which will take place on Thursday, 16 September 2021 and will run via UniAdventure. All posters will be evaluated by a jury in a competitive manner. The  three best posters will be awarded a prize of EUR 300 each.


Deadline for submissions: 15 August 2021.

We are looking forward to your submissions!

Contact: anniversaryconference.bagss(at)uni-bamberg.de


「Organising Committee」


Academic Unit

Faculty Members
Professor Dr Ulrich Sieberer, Director of BAGSS
Professor Dr Claus Carstensen, Deputy Director of BAGSS & Coordinator of the BAGSS Pillar 1
Professor Dr Guido Heineck, Coordinator of the BAGSS Pillar 3
Professor Dr Cornelia Kristen, Coordinator of the BAGSS Pillar 2
Professor Dr Johannes Marx, BAGSS Pillar 4

Doctoral Members
Lucie Bohdalová, Pillar 4
Aashna Doshi, Pillar 1
Janina Lang, Pillar 4

Administrative unit

Staff:  Melissa Steinbach, Olga Rayevska, Nasia Pliakogianni
Student Assistants: Marcel Dittrich, Katrin Ernst, Roman Mut







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