Neue Veröffentlichung von Prof. Heineck

Prof. Heineck hat zusammen mit Prof. Gebel, Universität Bamberg, einen Buchbeitrag über Bildungsrenditen im Lebensverlauf („Returns to education in the life course“) erstellt. Erschienen ist der Artikel im Handbuch „Research Handbook of the Sociology of Education“, in dem renommierte Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler aus multidisziplinärer Perspektive Bildung als Gesamtphänomen untersuchen:

„Presenting original contributions from the key experts in the field, the Research Handbook on the Sociology of Education explores the major theoretical, methodological, empirical and political challenges and pressing social questions facing education in current times.

This Research Handbook covers the theoretical foundations of the discipline; methodological problems; the effects of modernization; educational systems; benefits of continued education; migration and social integration; and wider policy implications. Chapters discuss education as a life-long process as well as adults returning to education. Schools, families and other social contexts and influences are also considered, as well as skills formation and ways to measure achievement. Offering an analysis of policy outcomes from an empirical social-scientific perspective and emphasizing the impact of social and ethnic inequality in educational opportunity, this influential Research Handbook defines the discipline and its agenda for future research.

Researchers and students interested in education, sociology and social policy including the effects of inequality will find this Research Handbook a highly relevant reference tool. It also offers an important message for policy makers and other stakeholders in the field of educational policy and training.


Mehr Informationen zum Handbuch finden Sie hier: