Social Inequalities in the Use of Family Policies (Soziale Ungleichheit in der Nutzung familienpolitischer Leistungen) (Aktuelle Befunde zu Bildung, Arbeitsmarkt, Ungleichheit / Bildungs und Arbeit im Lebensverlauf / Ungleichheit und Sozialstruktur)

Dozentin: Gundula Zoch

Seminar, 2 SWS
Zeit und Ort:    

Vorbesprechung: 22.4.2020, 17:00 - 18:00 Uhr, digital (weitere Infos per VC)

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Voraussetzungen / Organisatorisches

Sprache: Englisch (Deutsch bei ausschließlich deutschsprachigen TeilnehmerInnen)
Prüfung: Portfolio (ebenfalls Englisch)



To increase maternal employment, Germany has implemented more employment-oriented family policies, such as reduced parental leave benefits and the expansion of childcare for under-threes. The seminar will first offer an introduction to the family policy framework in Germany. Subsequently, various empirical studies are used to examine the extent to which the use of different family policies is subject to social inequalities. In the course, both theoretical core texts and empirical research articles will be used, applying both cross-sectional and longitudinal research designs. Statistical knowledge up to the level of ordinary least squares (OLS) is therefore assumed and highly recommended.

Examination procedure is Portfolio.


Course Organisation

The course is organised as follows: The students first work on the theoretical and empirical texts independently - as usual. For this purpose, they receive additional help, tasks, and instructions via the Virtual Campus (e.g. leading questions or smaller work assignments). These smaller tasks are evaluated and together form the assessment (portfolio). Online meetings with the seminar group, but also in smaller working groups with the lecturer, will provide mutual exchange and feedback by the lecturer on the work assignments. To facilitate dialogue and to form smaller working groups, all work assignments must be completed in English (this does not apply if all seminar participants speak German). There will be additional support for English writing. Future dates for the online-meetings will be decided depending on the number of seminar participants.



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Bildung und Arbeit im Lebensverlauf: Education and Employment
Corinna Kleinert
Bildung und Arbeit im Lebensverlauf: Empirical Analyses of Inequalities in Work-care Arrangements
Gundula Zoch