Dr. rer. nat. Christof Simons

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter von 05/2002 - 07/2007 


PGP-Schlüssel: 0xC5896AED (Fingerprint: 6F62 9D90 724B 160E 324A  15DC D82F 9D97 C589 6AED)



Simons C., Wirtz G., Modeling Context in Mobile Distributed Systems with the UML
Science Direct - Journal of Visual Languages & Computing 18 (2007) 420-439, Elsevier Ltd.

Simons, C., CMP: A UML Context Modeling Profile for Mobile Distributed Systems, hicss, p. 289b,  40th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS'07),  2007


Simons C., Wirtz G., An Architecture for Context-Aware Mobile Applications
Proc. SEA´06, the 10th IASTED International Conference on Software Engineering and Applications, November 13 - 15, 2006 in Dallas, TX (USA)