Prof. Dr. Daniel Göler

Research Interests

  • Geographies of Post-socialist Transition
  • Migration Studies, Population Geography
  • Urban Geography
  • Germany, South-Eastern Europe, Russian Federation (esp. Siberia)
  • Rural Areas and Periphery

Professional Training

Academic studies (Dipl.-Geogr.)
Geography, Heritage Conservation, Statistics (Bamberg)
Diploma-Thesis: GÖLER, D. (1994): Der Landkreis Neustadt a.d. Aisch-Bad Windsheim - Eine bewertete Strukturanalyse als Ansatz für Entwicklungskonzepte. Bamberg.

Promotion (PhD)
Bamberg 1998. GÖLER, D. (1999): Postsozialistische Segregationstendenzen: Sozial- und bevölkerungsgeographische Aspekte von Wanderungen in Mittelstädten der Neuen Länder. Untersucht an den Beispielen Halberstadt und Nordhausen. - Bamberger Geographische Schriften 18.

Bamberg 2004. 
Rückzug aus der nördlichen Peripherie Russlands? Jüngere räumliche Entwicklungen im Hohen Norden Ostsibiriens und des Fernen Ostens - ein Beitrag zur peripheren Transformationsforschung.

Selection of recent publications

  • GÖLER, Daniel (2020): Places and Spaces of the Others. A German Reception Center in Public Discourse and Individual Perception. In: GLORIUS, Birgit & Jeroen DOOMERNIK(eds.): Geographies of Asylum and the Role of European Localities. (= IMISCOE Research Series). Springer, p. 69-91. view article
  • BIRCAN, Tuba; PURKAYASTHA, Damini; AHMAD-YAR, Ahmad Wali; LOTTER, Kathrin; DELLO IAKONO, Chiara; GÖLER, Daniel; STANEK, Miko; YILMAZ, Sinem; SOLANO, Giacomo & ÜNVER, Özgün (2020): Gaps in Migration Research. Review of migration theories and the quality and compatibility of migration data on the national and international level. (Deliverable n°2.1). Leuven: HumMingBird view article
  • GÖLER, Daniel (2018): Ein Viertel Jahrhundert Transformation in Russland - Eine Bestandsaufnahme. Geographische Rundschau 70, H. 4, S. 46-51.
  • GÖLER, Daniel (2017): From an Isolated State to a Migration Society - Transnationalism and Multilocality as Social Practise  in Contemporary Albania. In: JORDAN, Peter (edt.): 10 Years of EU Enlargement. The Geographical Balance of a Courageous Step. (= ISR Forschungsbericht H. 42, Vienna, p. 137-158). view article(1.3 MB)
  • GÖLER, Daniel & Zaiga KRIŠJĀNE (2016): Elusive Migration Systems. Shifting from Transnationalism to Transregionalism. In: DOMÍNGUEZ-MUJICA, Josefina (Hg.): Global Change and Human Mobility (=Advances in Geographical and Environmental Sciences). Springer Singapore, S. 25-36.                      view article 
  • GÖLER, Daniel & Bernhard KÖPPEN (2015): Gastarbeiter reloaded? Anmerkungen zur EU-Binnenwanderung in der Schuldenkrise. Ein Editorial. Berichte. Geographie und Landeskunde, Bd. 89, H.1, S. 5-11. view article(1.7 MB)
  • GÖLER, Daniel; BICKERT, Matthias & DOKA Dhimiter (2015): Kromi çan bllokadën. Albanian chromium mining revisited. In: Die Erde 146 (4), 271-288. view article

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Paper presentations / panels

  • 03.12.2020: "Updating theory: New approaches to migration studies". (Expert Workshop "Mind the gap: critical perspectives on migration theories and data". HumMingBird online-conference, panel)
  • 28.10.2020: "Joint measures to foster circular migration and re-migration" (Young People, Migration and the Demographic Challenge in the Western Balkans, Oct. 28-30, 2020, Online Conference)
  • 27.9.2019: „Geographicity of mobilities. A more holistic perspective on people on the move“ (8. CATference, International Urban Geographies of Post-communist States Conference, Belgrade)
  • 03.07.2019: „Migration as tool for social resilience. Voices from Europe's periphery“ (10th International Conference on Population Geographies (ICPG) 2019, Loughborough/UK); with Zaiga Krišjāne & Elīna Apsīte-Beriņa, University of Latvia
  • 20.11.2018: „Ein Rückblick auf (fast) zwei Jahrzehnte Einbürgerungen in Bamberg" (Einbürgerungsfeier der Stadt Bamberg)
  • 17.05.2018: "Tourism and Transition in the Western Balkans - Albania as a laboratory for tourism development" (International Conference on Tourism and Transition. Annual Conference of the German Tourism Research Group. Munich, 17-18 May 2018) with Dhimitër Doka
  • 05.10.2017: "Migration in Europe and the Refugee Crisis: What remains?” (International conference on “EU asylum and migration policy”, Oct. 6 and 7 2017, Munk School of Global Affairs/University of Toronto)

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Memberships in academic and professional associations