Veröffentlichungen von Marco Meier

Journal-Artikel (Peer Reviewed) nach dem VHB-Ranking

Ranking A

Meier, M., Maier, C., Thatcher, J. B., and Weitzel, T. (2024)
Chatbot Interactions: How Consumption Values and Disruptive Situations Influence Customers’ Willingness to Interact
Information Systems Journal (ISJ), forthcoming

Meier, M., Maier, C., Thatcher, J.B., and Weitzel, T. (2023)
Cooking a telework theory with causal recipes: Explaining telework success with ICT, work and family related stress
Information Systems Journal (ISJ), (34:4), 1068-1115

Ranking B

Meier, M., Maier, C., Thatcher, J.B., and Weitzel, T. (2023)
Shocks and IS User Behavior: A Taxonomy and Future Research Directions
Internet Research (33:3), 853-889

Meier, M. and Maier, C. (2023)
From stocks to ETFs: Explaining retail investors’ migration behavior
Internet Research (33:4), 1249-1275

Meier, M., Maier, C., Mattke, J., and Weitzel, T. (2022)
Esports: Explaining Willingness to Pay for Streaming Services
Communications of the Association for Information Systems (CAIS) (50:1), 286-307

Invited Publications

Dwivedi, Y. K., Jeyaraj, A., Hughes, L., et al. (2024)
“Real Impact”: Challenges and Opportunities in Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice - Making a Difference in Industry, Policy, and Society
International Journal of Information Management, (78), 102750