ISHANDS-SEM-B: Artificial Intelligence in Private and Work Life

Overview and Objective

The Chair of Information Systems, Health and Society in the Digital Age offers a combined Bachelor’s and Master’s seminar. This semester’s topic focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) in users’ private and work life. The seminar aims to motivate students to engage with the latest AI trends in different contexts and develop an understanding of how they are used by and have an influence on users.


The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our private and professional lives has brought about remarkable advancements and challenges. In personal settings, AI revolutionizes aspects ranging from finance to healthcare, offering tools for investment optimization and enabling early disease detection. However, these innovations also raise privacy and ethical concerns. Professionally, AI reshapes human resource management, enhances software engineering by optimizing code development, and revolutionizes workplace automation and cybersecurity. This dual nature of AI as a catalyst for efficiency and a source of new challenges forms the core of our seminar. We explore its multifaceted impacts and the balance between leveraging its benefits and addressing its challenges, reflected in the following topics:

  1. Foundations of Artificial Intelligence (Note: Especially suitable for Bachelor students)
  2. AI in Private Life: AI and Finance
  3. AI in Private Life: AI and Healthcare
  4. AI in Private Life: AI and Education
  5. AI in Private Life: AI and Privacy
  6. AI in Work Life: AI and Human Resource Management
  7. AI in Work Life: AI and Workplace Automation
  8. AI in Work Life: AI and Software Engineering
  9. AI in Work Life: AI and Cybersecurity

Timeline of the seminar

  • Initial meeting: tbd
  • Deadline for the seminar paper: tbd
  • Presentations as part of a block seminar: tbd
  • Seminar papers and presentations are to be submitted digitally via upload in the Virtual Campus (VC)

Evaluation of the seminar

  • 66.6 percent on the written exam (seminar paper)
  • 33.3 percent on the vocal exam (presentation and discussion)
  • Note: Students need to pass each the written (seminar paper) and the vocal exam (presentation and discussion) with at least a sufficient grade (“ausreichend”) to pass the seminar §9 (10) (APO der Fakultät Wirtschaftsinformatik und Angewandte Informatik)

Application for the seminar

  • Application deadline: tbd
  • Please apply by completing the form below and indicate your preferred topics
  • You will receive an email telling you whether your application was successful.
  • Note: please check your email regularly – if we do not receive an acceptance email from you, we will allow other students to participate in the seminar.
  • If you want to join another seminar, please contact Florian Wintmölle (florian.wintmoelle(at) and disclose your decision so other students can participate.

Further requirements of the seminar:

  • While we want to motivate students to submit the seminar paper and/or present their results in English, there is the possibility to submit and/or present in German
  • The length of the seminar paper follows international guidelines.
  • The presentation should be 15 minutes.