Foreign Language Studies

Learning languages at the University of Bamberg’s Language Centre

The Language Centre is a central service institution of the University of Bamberg. Students of the philologies, HuWi (Human Sciences and Education), SoWi (Social Sciences, Economics and Business Administration), WIAI (Information Systems and Applied Computer Science) faculties as well as students from all faculties can take language courses here—the range of courses offered allows scope for all students to plan their individual programme of study.

In addition to “straightforward language teaching”, the Language Centre also offers courses with a cultural focus. For example, you can use your language skills in a fun way in foreign language theatre projects or discuss language and culture in pairs in direct contact with native speakers in the accompanied tandem language learning course.

Furthermore, our non-course-specific language tandem programme is always open to all students of the University of Bamberg. The language proficiency certificate required for studying abroad can also be attained at the Language Centre.


Exchange students can attend three-week intensive courses before the semester to prepare themselves in terms of language and culture for their studies in Bamberg. Register for these courses prior to your studies here through the International Office, where you will also receive information about the compulsory placement test. This must also be taken before your stay in Bamberg.
While you are a student in Bamberg, you can choose from a wide range of German courses (DaF) at the Language Centre. You can find the courses offered in the current semester in UnivIS.

International students can acquire the necessary German language skills to take the DSH examination by attending the DSH preparatory courses offered by the Language Centre. Once you have passed this exam, you can enrol in any of the German-language study programmes offered at our university.
Please contact the International Office for information on admission requirements for these courses and for details about the examination.