Sprachnachweis Englisch

The language assessment comprises five sections:

  • Use of English (Grammar and Vocabulary)
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Writing
  • Speaking

The first four sections take place online on the VC. The tests contain single-choice questions for grammar and vocabulary, and comprehension questions for reading and listening. There are no open questions.

In the writing test, you will be given a choice of three tasks. The task consists of reading a short article and then commenting on it in approximately 250 words. Your writing will be assessed on its language and content.

The speaking test takes place with a partner in MS Teams. You will be asked to show your ID card or student ID at the beginning of the test. The first part of the test involves answering a number of short questions and leads to a collaborative task to be discussed and developed with the partner. The test takes approximately 12 minutes. The topics discussed are general, but you can bring in references to your course of studies in your answers.

A sample test with answers can be found here(380.5 KB). Please click here(8.0 MB) and here(9.1 MB) for exercise 1 and exercise 2 of the listening comprehension.