Credit Certificate Forms

Regarding the practical language courses/modules of the Language Centre listed below which cannot be booked via FlexNow, you can still have your examination results documented on a paper certificate.

The following options are available:

Certificate form for recording completed examinations as ‘voluntary extra credit’(1.9 MB, 1 page)

Please note:

This certificate serves as documentation of voluntary examinations that you have taken in the context of courses at the Language Centre and for which you cannot receive credit in your degree programme, either as part of a regular course or as part of an elective or extension module. If you present this certificate to the Office of Examinations, this achievement will be booked as a voluntary additional achievement without recognition of credit points (ECTS). This then excludes its subsequent reassignment or transfer, e.g. to the master’s distribution elective.

Certificate of participation(2.1 MB)

Please note:

Participation in the course amounting to at least 80% of the total course time is required for the issue of a certificate of participation.