Ansprechpartnerin "weitere Sprachen"

Christine Drakew-Naperkowski
Raum WE5/05.067
96047 Bamberg
Tel.: +49 951-863-1143


Ansprechpartnerin Bibelgriechisch

Katja Lubitz
Raum WE5/05.066
96047 Bamberg
Tel.: +49 951-863-1420


Languages without Permanent Lecturers

Courses in “Other Languages” and contact persons

Our courses also include “Other Languages”, which form a sub-division of “Additional Languages”. These languages are taught exclusively on a part-time teaching contract basis and are not assigned to a permanent lecturer.

At present, courses are offered in these languages

  • Biblical Greek (contact person Katja Lubitz)
  • Japanese (contact person Christine Drakew)
  • Swedish (contact person Christine Drakew)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the respective contact person listed here or the secretary’s office of the Language Centre.