Flexnow: Registration for Courses and Exams

1. FlexNow registration for courses

You have to register for the courses of the Language Center online via FlexNow. The registration period usually begins four weeks before the start of the semester and ends two weeks after the start of the semester.
The courses are always made available in stages. The exact deadlines can be found in mid-March for the summer semester and at the end of September for the winter semester on the NEWS section of the Language Center homepage.

The Business Language Courses are NOT assigned to the SoWi faculty! You can find them here:

  1. Go to the FlexNow website.
  2. Enter your username (ba-Number) and password and confirm.
  3. Click on "Login/Logout" in the navigation menu on the left.
  4. Scroll down until you reach the top item "Courses".
  5. Click on "Fakultätsübergreifende und sonstige Einrichtungen."
  6. Click on the + in front of "Language Center."

There you will find all the courses offered by the Language Center. The Business Language Courses are reserved with priority for students of Business and Economics. If there are free places at the end of the enrollment period, they can be given to students of all faculties.

Visiting students

Guest students cannot attend the courses of the Language Center.


Employees of the Otto-Friedrich-University register for courses by e-mail to Christine Drakew.

2.FlexNow registration for exams

General Language Courses

All students who want to include the language course they attended in their studies, have to register for the exam via FlexNow. ATTENTION: The registration via FlexNow is only possible if there is a module for this language course in your study program or if you can bring the course into the Studium generale. If this is not the case, you will receive a certificate with the certificate "voluntary extra credit". If you are not sure whether you can bring a particular course into your degree program, please contact the appropriate chairperson of your exam committee.

NOTE: All students who cannot register for the exam via Flexnow despite fulfilling the above conditions (e.g. due to lack of technical connections in Flexnow > happens frequently) or have to (e.g. if you take the course as "voluntary extra credit") will be allowed to register for the exam via a paper-based order list within their course during the exam period. However, please only use this option if Flexnow registration does not work for you!

You will find the deadlines for the exam registration at the beginning of the semester on the NEWS section of the Language Center homepage.

Business Language Courses

As for all centrally organized exams, registration via FlexNow is required for exams in Business Language Courses. Please note that the registration deadline for Business Language Courses differs from that for General Language Courses.