Private Room Search

For international students: Unfortunately, the International Office cannot assist students in their search for a private room.

Students who do not wish to live in a hall of residence should begin their search for accommodation as early as possible. At the beginning of the semester, the number of students seeking rooms far exceeds the number of rooms available.

Private rooms are usually offered unfurnished.

In addition to the monthly rent, each tenant is required to make a security deposit once at the beginning of the rental contract. When moving out, the deposit can only be refunded in full if the room is handed over in its initial condition. This might mean, for example, that you have to paint the room’s walls when moving out.

Useful links for the private room or flat search

  • Facebook groups (e.g. ‘Biete&Suche Wohnung in Bamberg‘, ‘Wohnungen frei in Bamberg‘, ‘Wohnung-/Immobilienmarkt - Raum Bamberg‘, 'Immobilien Bamberg und Umgebung', 'Bamberg-Wohnungen')

Please note that this list is not a recommendation, but is for information purposes only.

The following list is a compilation of the most commonly used abbreviations with respect to private room rentals:

  • 2-ZW = 2-roomed apartment = 1 living room, 1 bedroom (die 2-Zimmerwohnung)    
  • 2 ZKB = 2 rooms, kitchen & bathroom (2 Zimmer, Küche, Bad)
  • 2 ZKBB = 2 rooms, kitchen, bathroom & balcony (2 Zimmer, Küche, Bad, Balkon)
  • 2. OG = 2nd upper floor (das 2. Obergeschoss)
  • AB = old building (der Altbau)    
  • Abl. = furniture take over fee (die Ablöse)
  • App. = apartment (das Apartment)    
  • BaWa (BW) = bathtub (die Badewanne)    
  • Bj. = year of construction (das Baujahr)
  • Blk. = balcony (der Balkon)    
  • bzb. = earliest date available (beziehbar)    
  • CT = realtor’s commission (die Courtage)    
  • DG = attic, top floor (das Dachgeschoss)    
  • DT = rooftop terrace/garden (die Dachterrasse)    
  • EBK = built-in kitchen (die Einbauküche)    
  • EG = ground floor (das Erdgeschoss)    
  • Etg. = floor/level/storey (die Etage)    
  • EZW = 1-roomed apartment (die Einzimmerwohnung)    
  • ETW = condominium/owner-occupied apartment (die Eigentumswohnung)    
  • FeWo = holiday flat/vacation apartment (die Ferienwohnung)    
  • Gge. = garage (die Garage)    
  • HH = multi-storey building (das Hochhaus)    
  • HK = heating costs (die Heizkosten)    
  • HZ = heating system (die Heizung)    
  • KM = basic rent, excluding utilities and common charges (die Kaltmiete)
  • KoNi = kitchenette (die Kochnische)    
  • Kt. = rental deposit (die Kaution)
  • MM = monthly rent (die Monatsmiete)    
  • möbl. = furnished (möbliert)    
  • mtl. = monthly (monatlich)
  • MwSt. = value-added tax (VAT) (die Mehrwertsteuer)
  • NK = utilities and common charges (die Nebenkosten)
  • NR = non-smoker (Nichtraucher)
  • OT = district (der Ortsteil)
  • Prov. = realtor’s commission (die Provision)
  • prov.-fr. = without realtor’s commission (provisionsfrei)
  • Sout. = basement apartment (das Souterrain)
  • Stellp. = parking space (der Stellplatz)
  • Terr. = terrace/patio (die Terrasse)
  • TG = underground parking (die Tiefgarage)
  • UG = basement (das Untergeschoss)
  • VB/VHB = rental price is negotiable (die Verhandlungsbasis)
  • VS/VHS = price is open to negotiation (die Verhandlungssache)
  • Wfl./Nfl. = living space/floor area (die Wohnfläche/die Nutzfläche)
  • Whg. = flat, apartment (die Wohnung)
  • WaMa = washing machine (die Waschmaschine)
  • WM = rent including utilities and common charges (die Warmmiete)
  • WoKü = kitchen/living room combined (die Wohnküche)
  • ZH = central heating (die Zentralheizung)
  • Zi. = room (das Zimmer)
  • ZÖV = central oil heating (die zentrale Ölversorgung)

A Wohngemeinschaft (WG) is the most common form of living for students in Germany. Usually every person has a private room and shares bathroom(s) and kitchen with 1 or several other people. The main idea is to lower one’s living expenses by sharing.

Most WG’s are shared by likeminded people and are no ‘Zweck-WG’ meaning that the people living in the flat are socialising with each other and plan activities together instead of simply just sharing the rent. Because of that, people need to apply to a WG room and usually participate in a WG-Casting. This is like a little interview to see if the type of person applying is a good fit for the people already living in the flat. Most of the time these castings are combined with a viewing of the room and the flat and take place in person. Although, since the Covid pandemic it is often possible to do it online if you request it.

Your application for a room in a WG should include information about yourself (e.g. what you study, your hobbies, what you would like your life in the new flat to look like, and what you expect from your future roommates) and match the ad of the room (e.g. comment on a shared hobby if the person offering a room is providing one, comment on unique aspects of the room or the flat that you like). In this way you will increase your answer rates.

Lastly, do not be discouraged if you do not receive a lot of replies. The housing market is tense and it is normal to write a lot of applications.

Temporary Accommodation

Useful links for accommodation for the first few days:

Please note that this list is not a recommendation, but is for information purposes only.