Creating a Course Schedule Using UnivIS

What is UnivIS?

UnivIS is the university’s central data forum. Here you can find not only information on employees and academic institutes, but also the university’s course catalogue.

You can also use UnivIS to create your own individual course schedule.

Please read this entire page before selecting your courses.

You can download these instructions
as well as a PDF file:
Creating a Course Schedule Using UnivIS(4.0 MB, 13 pages)

Creating a Course Schedule

Here’s what to do:

1. Access the UnivIS website at

2. Choose the appropriate semester:

3. Click on Vorlesungsverzeichnis ("course catalogue"):

4. An index of the academic faculties will appear. Within each faculty you can select the desired subject, and within the desired subject it is possible to select the type of course (e.g. lecture, seminar or colloquium):

5. Tick the course that you wish to take:

6. Click on Auswahl Zur Sammlung hinzufügen ("add to collection") at the end of the page:

7. Repeat this procedure for each additional course.

8. When you have completed your selection, click on Sammlung/Stundenplan ("collection/schedule"). You will receive an overview of your selected courses.

9. If you click on Stundenplan ("course schedule"), you will receive a timetable of your courses. This timetable can also be printed:

Add Courses Not Allocated to a Particular Faculty

If you wish to add courses to your schedule that are not allocated to a particular faculty (e.g. courses offered by the Language Centre), please proceed as follows.

1. Call up the UnivIS homepage. Click on Lehrveranstaltungen einzelner Einrichtungen ("individual institutes’ courses"):

2. Select an institute, for example the Language Centre (Sprachenzentrum):

3. Select and add desired courses as described above: