Scan exams

You can scan the examination papers you created with EvaExam by using a special scanner. After that you can evaluate the examniations in EvaExam directly. The scanner is located in sub-library 3 in room UB/01.04b. Please book a scanning appointment via the calendar below. For data protection reasons, the names are displayed in abbreviated form (surname, first name).

For rooms that can be reserved in the library, the maximum reservation duration per appointment is four hours. You can make one reservation per day. If you cannot enter your desired appointment here because you need more scanning time or the date is more than a week in the future, please contact the IT support in the Computing Centre. The Team of the IT support will be pleased booking your desired appointment(s).

Do you have further questions?

If you cannot keep an appointment, please cancel the room booking in time.

For questions on application

IT Forschungs- und Projektunterstützung
Phone: +49 951 863-1337
EMail: it-fopro(at)

Scanning appointment

Phone: +49 951 863-1333
EMail: it-support(at)