Set Password

Why do I need to set a password?

If you are new to working, studying, or contributing at the University of Bamberg you will receive a username (BA number). For this username, you must set a password via the IAM-Portal.

You must set your password within three days of receiving the email informing you of your username. It will not be possible afterwards for security reasons. In this case, please contact the IT-Support.

Guidelines for the new password

  • Please do not use trivial or easy to guess passwords!
  • Please do not use first names as password!
  • The password must have at least 8 characters!
  • Passwords may not contain the complete username, first name, or last name.
  • Minimum 3 out of 4 categories of the following characters must be included:
    • Uppercase letters A to Z without mutated vowels e.g. Ä, Ö
    • Lowercase letters a to z without mutated vowels e.g. ß, ä, ö
    • Numbers 0 to 9
    • Special characters. Allowed special characters: ? = _ - ! " $ % + # & / ( ) , . ; :

Some special characters that are not listed above such as § should not be used as their usage can lead to issues with some services.

Do you have further questions?

Telephone: +49 951 863-1333
Email: it-support(at)