Post-predicate elements in Iranian and neighbouring languages


University of Bamberg
6th–7th September 2019



Iranian languages are routinely classified as "verb final". While this is true with regard to the position of (non-pronominal) direct objects, which are generally pre-verbal, in several West Iranian languages, certain other constituents occur more or less systematically after the verb. The result is a typologically unusual and hitherto largely ignored OVX word order type within West Iranian.

This workshop series gathers together leading scholars on Iranian and neighbouring languages with the aim of developing tools for surveying the nature and extent of post-verbal syntax across a sample of relevant languages, and investigating the factors that co-determine its presence. 


Click here(251.3 KB, 13 pages) for a position paper outlining the current state of research.

Click here(971.4 KB, 40 pages) for a sketch of a language with grammaticalized OVX word order.

Click here(912.5 KB, 30 pages) for a preliminary overview of areal patterns (see pp. 18-26).

Click here(1.2 MB, 9 pages) for Don Stilo's presentation (Yerevan 2018).