Chirag Documentation Project


Prof. Dr. Geoffrey Haig, Dr. Dmitry Ganenkov, Dr. Natasha Bogomolova

Project Details:

Major Documentation Project. Duration: 2014-2017. 126.000 EUR

Project Summary:

The project will document Chirag, an endangered language from the Dargwa branch of the East Caucasian (Nakh-Daghestanian) family, spoken in Daghestan, Russia (2100-2400 speakers). The main goal of the project is to collect a rich corpus of audio/video data from both traditional narratives and everyday communication. I propose to record about 110 hours of Chirag (spontaneous speech, lexical and grammatical elicitation), of which at least 25 hours of spontaneous speech will be transcribed, morphologically analyzed and translated to produce an annotated corpus of Chirag available on the internet.

Information can be found here.