Career and Educational Prospects

Job boards

KULTweet is a job board for graduates of the humanities, cultural studies and social sciences.

HSozKult lists interesting positions in historical studies, e.g. in research and academia.

For the academic sector, we recommend the kv mailing list from the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Empirische Kulturwissenschaften e.V. (DEGKW).

Thanks to studies in European Ethnology, graduates have acquired sound theoretical and methodological competencies from the field of cultural studies, enabling them to understand, interpret and help convey expressions of culture. This subject will enhance your understanding of everyday cultural processes and open up future-oriented professional fields.

Professional fields for European ethnologists

The skills you have acquired are welcomed in the following areas:

  • In museums and exhibitions
  • Urban and cultural marketing
  • Educational work (adult educational centres, political foundations)
  • Media and publishing (radio, TV, press, video and film production)
  • In the tourism sector
  • Editing work in (specialist) publishing houses
  • Archives, libraries (an additional qualification is necessary)
  • Market research and communication
  • Universities (research and teaching, international offices)
  • Research and cultural management
  • International organisations and NGOs
  • User research and corporate communication

Qualification to pursue doctoral studies

After completing master’s studies in European Ethnology, you have the opportunity to enrol for doctoral studies in this subject at the University of Bamberg, for example. You can find a selection of other possible locations in the German-speaking world on the website.

Examples of specific career paths

After studying European Ethnology, you have a wide range of different job prospects. Here you can find a selection of the different career paths taken by Bamberg graduates in European Ethnology. You can hear from alumni who give insights into their personal experiences of starting their careers, and offer a tip or two for you and for your career.