Monika Bäuerlein M.A.

Research Associate and Subject Advisor

Research Interests

  • Health and Sexuality
  • Tourism
  • Urban and Housing
  • Taboos and political controversies
  • Stereotypes in international comparison

since 09/2021 Research Associate and Subject Advisor at the Chair of European Ethnology

from 2019 Master's degree in European Ethnology
Master's thesis: "The fairy tale of the vaccination blessing." Medical criticism of vaccination since the introduction of the Reichsimpfgesetz 1875. A European-ethnological analysis

from 2016 Bachelor's degree (History, European Ethnology, Islamic Orient)
Bachelor thesis: Foreign perception and cultural boundaries in the autobiographical text of the Ulm merchant and Orient traveller Hans Ulrich Krafft (1550 - 1621)

since 2011 Tour guide in Europe

2008-2009 Work & Travel in New Zealand, including 6 months as Customer Solutions Advisor at a bank

2003-2008 and 2009-2011 Customer Service Fleet Management

2006 Degree in Business Administration (IHK)

2003 Graduation as industrial clerk

Subject Advisory Service

  • Specialist advice on the choice of "European Ethnology" as a course of study
    (possible combinations with other studies, creditability, potential certificates, regulations and module tables)
  • Examination Matters
    (problems with FlexNow, examination requirements)
  • General tips and tricks
    (presentations, term papers, literature research, further contacts)
  • Personal concerns (e.g. exam anxiety)


  • With Diversity to Unity? Targeting Europe. (WS 2023/24)

  • "The Most Popular Kind of Joy." A European Ethnological View on Facets of Tourism. (SS 2023)

  • Introduction to European Ethnology – Fundamental Terms and Objectives (WS 2023/24, SS 2023, WS 2022/23, SS 2022 und WS 2021/22)

  • To Read and Understand Texts Efficiently – Reading Course (SS 2023, WS 2022/23)

  • To use, love, eat, protect. Perspectives on Human-Animal-Relations. (SS 2022)

  • „That tiny bit of work?“ Work-related areas of tension between self-realization and precarity (SS 2022)

Field Trips

  • 1 Day Excursion: Everyday Culture in Bamberg incl. a Visit to the Exhibition "Fake Food. Food between Appearance and Reality" (WS 2023/24 und SS 2023)
  • "Dark Tourism" in NS-Areas. The Example of the Former Nazi Party Rally Grounds in Nuremberg (SS 2023)
  • Excursion Gardeners Town Bamberg (WS 2022/23)


Baumgartner, Elena/Rank, Monika u.a.: Welt. Wissen. Gestalten. Tagungsbericht zum 42. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Volkskunde, Hamburg, 7.-10. Oktober 2019. In: ZfVK 116.1 (2020), S. 100-109.

  • "The decision to vaccinate is a decision of conscience that no authority can take away from me'. Freedom as an Argument of Medical Criticism of Vaccination" on 23.09.2023 at the 125th Annual Conference of the Görres Society in Tübingen