Everyday culture in the context of time | space | social groups

In the Bachelor's programme, European Ethnology can only be studied as a minor subject at Bamberg University.

This degree programme provides an overview of the (everyday) culture of broad segments of the population in the past and present. In doing so, we examine all areas of everyday and popular culture. We look at multi-faceted cultural phenomena in their historical, social and spatial contexts.

European Ethnology minor at a glance
ECTS Points30 bzw. 45 ECTS Points



3-6 semesters
Programme StartWinter semester recommended
Type of StudiesFull time and part time possible
RequirementsGeneral university entrance qualification or a qualification recognised as equivalent

Programme objectives

Students acquire fundamental, subject-specific skills based in the approaches of cultural studies.

  • They have mastered specialist terminology and are familiar with the methodological foundations of the discipline of European Ethnology.
  • They can systematically approach a cultural topic, relate it to a (cultural) theory and work in a methodologically reflective way.
  • They can confidently deal with historical, empirical and material cultural sources and can correctly contextualise specialist literature.
  • They are able to examine cultural phenomena in the context of social, historical and socio-political developments.
  • They can describe research findings and present them for a heterogeneous audience (orally, in writing, supported by media).